Wednesday, April 29, 2009


By: Patrick Haworth
Tulsa, OK

On this HuckPAC National Volunteer Day, I'm encouraged as I read the many blog messages from other HuckPAC Volunteers from around the nation, as they talk about what drew them to support HuckPAC.

For me, years of waiting for incremental change to take place with no one seeming to take the conservative bull by the horns has been very frustrating. Most people AT LEAST know that it's completely wrong for our nation's written laws to allow for the killing of human children at late stages of pregnancy for the sake of, "choice", of the mother of the child; however our laws still reflect this sad level of lack of concern for those who cannot be heard or easily seen. Virtually everyone knows that our 67,500 page tax code is completely absurd. What a waste of resources just trying to comply with this behemoth? No one on Earth has ever read the entire thing or fully understands it. We all know that it was created by well-paid, DC lobbyist, getting loopholes so that their clients can enjoy UNFAIR advantages over their competitors. It's obviously time to get rid of it for something that is FAIR!

I'm not a genius and that's exactly what, for years, has made me so frustrated, because you don't HAVE to be a genius to see these things. So, why has it gone on for so long? In a word, PANDERING. For decades, we conservatives have listened to politicians tell us that they are pro-life and anti-overtaxing-for-wasteful-spending, but too many times they either don't get elected, or worse, get elected and don't keep their promises. They pander to us during the campaigns and govern otherwise. They try to ride the fence so that they won't draw too much ire and fire from the liberal media and special interest groups. They're afraid of being labeled as dogmatic, but one can afford to be dogmatic when they are correct.

Too many have been LEANING in our direction. We don't need any more LEANERS. Gov. Huckabee has broken that mold by being a LEADER.

Let's take our bulls by the horns! Now that we have a base to work from (HuckPAC), we can accomplish the task of getting our nation back on track. Gov. Huckabee has already laid the foundation for this with his creation of HuckPAC. Amongst many other things, he stood up boldly for the Human Life Amendment and the FairTax. He didn't just LEAN in our direction; he did LEAD us!

Let's plan our work together and work our plan together. The light can be seen at the end of this liberal tunnel. May the National Right To Life Committee never again endorse a candidate who does not support the Human Life Amendment over one who does! May there be too many ACTIVE members of HuckPAC in their ears, at every level, absolutely forbidding it! May the FairTax be clearly explained to enough neighbors to get our nation's fiscal sanity back before it's too late! May we grow in numbers and activity enough to win an astounding number of campaigns. We can do it and for the love of our nation, we should!

A recent example of success, was seen at our Oklahoma State Republican Party Convention, held in Oklahoma City, just a couple of weeks ago. In just ONE DAY, the number of our Team Huck Volunteers DOUBLED as 124 people signed up, not to mention that many politicians made clear to us that receiving the official endorsement of HuckPAC is at the top of their priorities. Thank you to the many volunteers who made the trip from all over the state and helped work the booth. (If only we had more than 2 clipboards, we could have signed up several more!)

Thank you Gov. Huckabee for taking the bull by the horns, by holding up the standard, by not just LEANING, but actually LEADING!

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