Monday, April 6, 2009

Help Save Marriage. Call Reps in Iowa Today


Call and tell Iowa State Representatives to vote yes on Rule 60 to allow Iowans the right to decide the true definiton of marriage.
Rule 60 forces the bill out of committee and up for a vote by all representatives.

Also, for those of you who do not live in Iowa, it won't hurt for you to call or pass on an e-mail letting them know that because Iowa has no residency requirements for marriage and can bring Same-Sex marriage to your door step in your state, that you would appreciate giving Iowan's a chance to vote on this issue!

Note: It would also help a lot if you send them e-mails about this. It's very easy to send them all an e-mail. Examples are given on the Huck's Army Discussion Thread.

UPDATE: The following is an update from Huck's Army soldier, janelles, from Iowa.

I have just returned from Des Moines where I attended a grassroots breakfast meeting with the Westside Conservative Club.

The keynote speaker was former Gov. Terry Branstad. Another speaker was Rep. Linda Upmeyer.

My take away that I share with Hucksarmy: our phone calls and e-mails are working. "Public pressure has had an impact." Gov. Branstad

They urged us to continue the pressure - especially with the Democrats that could be open to supporting a marriage amendment.

I then made a stop at the Iowa State House where numerous citizens- old, young, children were attempting to personally persuade House and Senate members to let the people speak on the gay marriage in Iowa issue. What a sight!

Iowa has many issues- gay rights and increasing the taxes we pay are on the front burner. I have come home energized that our voices are making a difference.

Thanks to each one of you who have made even one call or sent one e-mail- or have done even more.

I plan to be back in D.M. for the April 15 Tea Party...
to be continued....

UPDATE #2: Click here: --->

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