Wednesday, April 1, 2009

HB 1595 and HB 1326 pass Senate committees; Full Senate to vote soon; More emails needed

Oklahomans For Life - LEGISLATIVE ALERT
April 1st, 2009
HB 1595 and HB 1326 pass Senate committees;
Full Senate to vote soon; More emails needed

Pro-life HB 1326 and HB 1595 were both approved by Senate committees within the past week, and will now go to the floor for votes by the full Senate.

If you have not yet sent an email to members of the Senate, please do so at With one click, you can reach members of the Senate. Please ask them to support these two pro-life bills, HB 1326 and HB 1595.

HB 1595 is the abortion-reporting bill which will also prohibit sex-selection abortions in Oklahoma.

HB 1326 prohibits the killing of human embryos for research purposes. The bill protects embryonic human beings, living members of the human species, from being killed for their stem cells. Exploit them by treating them as raw material to be mined for parts, and we diminish ourselves as we destroy them.

Adult stem cells have benefited patients suffering from more than 70 different disorders. By contrast, embryonic stem cells have never benefited a single human patient. Embryo-killing stem-cell research is a misguided and ill-fated pursuit from a scientific standpoint, in addition to being the profoundly unethical act of destroying living members of our species, homo sapiens, in order to provide raw material for research. Please urge support for HB 1326.

Complications from abortion are seldom reported, and the harm that abortion does to women's health and well-being is not well understood. HB 1595 will attempt to assess the extent of the damage that abortion inflicts on women. In addition, with tests now available that can show the sex of a baby seven weeks after conception, HB 1595 will prohibit abortions from being performed because the child is the "wrong" sex.

You can email senators at One click will reach the members of the Senate. Ask them to support HB 1595 and HB 1326.

Thank you for standing up for the most vulnerable little members of our human family.

Tony Lauinger
State Chairman, Oklahomans For Life

phone: 918-749-5022

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