Monday, May 24, 2010

Governor Mike Huckabee Endorsement of James Lankford

James Lankford - Back to America

Another major voice joined the chorus today asking Oklahomans to send James Lankford to the US Congress. Lankford was endorsed by former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee and HuckPAC. It is the only federal race in Oklahoma this year in which Huckabee has issued an endorsement.

“Governor Huckabee and I care deeply about the future of this great nation and we share many of the same beliefs concerning the change in direction needed in Washington, D.C. I am honored to receive the governor’s endorsement along with the support of HuckPAC,” Lankford said.


James Lankford is exactly the kind of leader that is urgently needed in the United States Congress. In this race, James uniquely shares my sincere desire to see a conservative transformation in American politics. The much needed change in direction will happen only when we send people to Washington D.C. who live their Christian convictions and have effectively served people in the private sector, rather than working in politics for decades. I’m convinced that James has the leadership, integrity and tenacious work ethic to be a game-changer in Washington, D.C.

As the director for well over a decade of Falls Creek, the largest Christian camp in America, James knows how to lead people, manage a budget and administer a large organization. James Lankford is a gifted communicator who will go to Congress as a statesman, not a politician, to work for the right kind of change in our government.

James shares my commitment to common sense solutions that are needed for strong national defense, real border security, less government control, domestic energy solutions, lower tax rates, defending human life and more individual liberty.

I encourage Republicans in Oklahoma’s 5th District to vote for James Lankford in the July 27 primary. Congress will benefit from a strong dose of the solidly conservative Oklahoma spirit and deeply patriotic American passion that James brings to the political arena.


With nine weeks until the election, there is a great deal to be done. Would you please help me get out the message that there is a different kind of candidate running this year for US Congress? Now is a great time to sign up as a volunteer or to donate. Please sign up as a voter or volunteer at the top right of this page and help us pass the word to others. If you can donate any amount, it would make a huge difference as we prepare for the media phase of the campaign. You may also donate online by clicking on the “Donate” button at the top right of this page.

Thank you for all your support and your encouragement in this race, the calendar is racing toward July 27.

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Upcoming opportunities to support the FairTax

OKC Area

Where-Moore Public Library, Meeting Room A, 225 S Howard St, next to the community center (exit S 4th St in Moore-its the first street East of I-35
When-Tuesday May25, 7:00 to 8:30 pm

This venue will hold 150 people- Lets fill'er up! Bring a friend- and have them bring a friend too! Great speaker!

This meeting will be an important one for planning our actions going forward. Do not let this moment pass. We have been given a great opportunity—let’s take advantage of it!

Tulsa Area

Thursday May 27 and the 4th Thursday of every month thereafter 6:30-8:00 PM.

We have a new meeting place for the meeting this month. After two Standing Room Only meetings at the Tulsa Healing Center a change of venue was called for. My thanks for all of you who attended and my apologies for all of you who had to stand.

The May meeting will be held at the Strength of Mind Wellness Center" located at 8937 S. Garnett in Tulsa, the intersection of Urbana & Garnett, SE corner. From Garnett, turn east on Urbana and enter the facility to the right/south. Bring a friend- and have them bring a friend too!

Two great opportunities to learn more about the FairTax and get your questions answered!

Jim Conroy
Deputy District Director - Oklahoma 1st District

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