Monday, October 29, 2007

The Surge is On

It's here, folks. The Huckabee Surge is hitting the Nation. The latest Rasmussen Reports poll has Mike Huckabee sitting at 13%, tied for 3rd with McCain. Mitt "Moneybags" Romney is at 12%.

All of the latest Iowa polls have the Governor tied for second. Huckabee is in double digits in the latest South Carolina and New Hampshire polls.

There are just TWO more days to complete the OCTOBER CHALLENGE. If you have participated in the Challenge, please leave a comment as to your results. I plan on posting them when I get feedback.

The Huckabee campaign has raised $881,305.80 online so far this month. The goal for October is to raise $1,034,487 online; we're almost there! We need to raise $153,181.20 in online contributions BY midnight of October 31st!

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Friday, October 26, 2007

Huckabee blasts by Thompson in NH

Rasmussen Reports
Survey of 733 Likely GOP Voters
October 23, 2007

New Hampshire GOP Primary

Mitt Romney


Rudy Giuliani


John McCain


Mike Huckabee


Fred Thompson


Tom Tancredo

Duncan Hunter

Ron Paul






Fred Thompson drops to 6%, while Mike Huckabee leapfrogs to 10%!

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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Huckabee breaks into double-digits!

Rasmussen Nat'l Poll - 10/21-10/24

Rudy Giuliani 21%
Fred Thompson 19%
John McCain 14%
Mitt Romney 12%
Mike Huckabee 10%
Ron Paul 3%
(MoE +/- 4%)

There you have it; Mike Huckabee has broken the double-digit mark nationwide. Another step in his race to the top.

Also, the Huckabee campaign has set yet another goal for October's online contributions. This time, it is $1,034,487 - one dollar more than the entire 3rd Quarter total! So far, over $718,400.85 has been raised online alone! If you haven't given to Mike's campaign yet, now is the time!

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Huckabee outrunning his GOP companions

Huckabee outrunning his GOP companions

By Scot Lehigh, Globe Columnist October 24, 2007

Concord, N.H.

THE BEST description of what's happening with Mike Huckabee may just be the old joke about the two lawyers who are out on a hike when they startle a large bear. The first lawyer whips open his briefcase, removes a pair of running shoes, and puts them on.

"Do you really think you can outrun the bear?" the second asks.

His companion offers this, ah, grizzly reply: "I don't have to outrun the bear. I just have to outrun you."

Outrunning one's companions has long been the challenge for the second-tier presidential candidates in this large Republican field. It's a challenge Huckabee has steadily met.

Read the rest of the article here.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Huckabee Lowest in "Never Vote For" Poll

Zogby Poll: Whom would you NEVER vote for for President of the U.S.?

Clinton (D) 50%
Kucinich (D) 49%
Gravel (D) 47%
Paul (R) 47%
Brownback (R) 47%
Tancredo (R) 46%
McCain (R) 45%
Hunter (R) 44%
Giuliani (R) 43%
Romney (R) 42%
Edwards (D) 42%
Thompson (R) 41%
Dodd (D) 41%
Biden (D) 40%
Obama (D) 37%
Huckabee (R) 35%
Richardson (D) 34%
Not sure 4%

IVR Polls: Texas Republican Primary

Giuliani - 24%
Thompson - 19%
Huckabee - 14%
Romney - 14%
Tancredo - 7%
McCain - 6%
Paul - 6%
Hunter - 4%
Keyes - 0%
Undecided 6%
532 previous TX GOP Primary voters, polled 10/18/2007 - Margin of error 4.3%

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Lots of stuff...

Okay, so I can't leave for more than a few days again! :-D

Chuck Norris has endorsed Mike Huckabee.

Sam Brownback drops out.

Mike blasted away the opposition at the FRC Values Voter Summit in-person poll. Also, read this.

Fundraising has exploded.

There's a new Huckabee Store.

Wow. Lots of stuff is happening!

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Thursday, October 18, 2007

News Alert: Brownback to drop out?

Brownback expected to drop out of GOP field

Kansas Senator Sam Brownback is about to drop out of the Republican presidential nomination race, the Associated Press is reporting this morning.

Brownback aimed squarely at support from religious conservatives, but he finished behind former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee -- who is seeking the same voters -- in the Ames straw poll in Iowa in August and has not recovered.

This week, he reporting raising a little more than $800,000 in the third quarter of this year, his lowest quarterly amount since entering the race. Brownback appeared this week before the Globe's editorial board and talked about his efforts to reach out to Democrats and independents on issues such as aid to Africa and a congressional resolution apologizing for slavery.

The AP said he is expected announce his withdrawal on Friday in Topeka, Kan. "I know Senator Brownback enjoyed campaigning and meeting new people in talking about ideas for the future of America, but I think it came down to money," one person close to Brownback, who requested anonymity because the candidate had not yet announced his plans, told the AP.

Brownback's withdrawal is expected to help Huckabee, but could also help the prospects of Mitt Romney, who is also aggressively seeking the support of evangelical Christians.

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New Iowa Poll

Rasmussen Reports Republican Iowa Caucus

Romney 25%
Thompson 19%
Huckabee 18%
Giuliani 13%
McCain 6%
Brownback 3%
Tancredo 2%
Paul 2%
Hunter 1%
Undecided 11%

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Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Keep working on that OCTOBER CHALLENGE, folks. Let's get some more momentum for Mike Huckabee!

Here's some more polls (can you tell I like polls?):

Gallup Nationwide poll; 10/04 - 10/07
Rudy Giuliani 32 %
Fred Thompson 20%
John McCain 16%
Mitt Romney 9%
Mike Huckabee 7%
Ron Paul 2%

Des Moines Register Iowa Poll; 10/01 - 10/03
Mitt Romney 29%
Fred Thompson 18%
Mike Huckabee 12%
Rudy Giuliani 11%
John McCain 7%

Insider Advantage Iowa Poll; 10/02 - 10/02
Mitt Romney 24%
Rudy Giuliani 16%
Fred Thompson 13%
Mike Huckabee 13%
John McCain 10%

Insider Advantage New Hampshire Poll; 10/02 - 10/02
Mitt Romney 28%
Rudy Giuliani 20%
John McCain 17%
Fred Thompson 8%
Mike Huckabee 8%

Insider Advantage South Carolina Poll; 10/02 - 10/02
Rudy Giuliani 16%
Fred Thompson 21%
Mitt Romney 16%
John McCain 16%
Mike Huckabee 11%

Insider Advantage Florida Poll; 10/02 - 10/02
Rudy Giuliani 29%
Fred Thompson 19%
Mitt Romney 16%
John McCain 10%
Mike Huckabee 6%

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Thursday, October 4, 2007

3Q Total: $1.018M

I was greeted this morning by the rather disappointing 3Q fundraising total of $1.018M for the Huckabee Campaign. I was really hoping for over $1.5M.

Then I went over to One Mom's blog (by the way, if you've never been there, she has one of the best Huckabee blogs out there). She has a great, encouraging post about the 3Q totals.

Then I went to Huckabee Hound. Another great post about the money Huckabee raised.

Folks, don't walk around with your heads down! Why should we? We're supporting the best candidate out there! Besides, we raised more money in the 3Q than in either of the other Quarters! The Huckabee campaign is one of only 2 or 3 that actually raised more money than the last quarter!

We're talking about the candidate who spent pennies compared to everyone else at the Iowa Straw Poll, and still came out in 2nd. We're talking about frugality personified!

So, get those heads up, and keep fighting. We're in the middle of the boxing match, and that trophy is calling our name!

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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

New National Poll - Huckabee at New Heights!

New heights for Gov. Huckabee!

Washington Post-ABC News GOP National Primary

Rudy Giuliani 34%
Fred Thompson 17%
John McCain 12%
Mitt Romney 11%
Mike Huckabee 8%
Ron Paul 3%
Duncan Hunter 2%
Sam Brownback 1%
Tom Tancredo 1%

Keep working on the OCTOBER CHALLENGE. We're beginning to get positive responses from the contacts!

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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

October Challenge Update


General Info

Known persons participating: 6+
GOP State Representatives to contact: At least 210+
GOP State Senators to contact: At least 78+
GOP Governors to contact: 1+
GOP US Senators to contact: 4+
GOP US Representatives to contact: 20+

I say "at least" or "+" because I only know three of the states where people are participating (OK, MI, GA).

Contacts (that I know of)

Governor: 1
US Senators: 5
State Reps: 114
State Senators: 24

OKforHuckabee Info

State Representatives contacted: 57
State Senators contacted: 24

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Monday, October 1, 2007

National Polls, October Challenge, and ARG

National Polling: Romney and Giuliani are dropping. McCain spiked when Fred Thompson got in (Fred jumped as well), but they're both slipping a little. Mike Huckabee looks like the only one still gaining ground nationally, although he's dropped some in IA, NH and SC.

October Challenge: Today is the offical start of OKforHuckabee's OCTOBER CHALLENGE. I'm planning on starting to email all the Oklahoma Republican legislators in the coming days. In fact, my first emails to State Representatives just went out... the first of many emails to come.

American Research Group: I'm beginning to wonder about the accuracy of ARG's polls. They've always been somewhat different than the other polls.

Newsweek Iowa Poll:

First Choice:
Mitt Romney 25%
Fred Thompson 16%
Rudy Giuliani 15%
John McCain 7%
Mike Huckabee 6%
Sam Brownback 3%
Tom tancredo 3%
Ron Paul 2%
Duncan Hunter 1%
Undecided 21%

Mitt Romney 24%
Fred Thompson 16%
Rudy Giuliani 13%
Mike Huckabee 12%
John McCain 9%
Ron Paul 5%
Tom Tancredo 3%
Sam Brownback 2%
Duncan Hunter 1%
Undecided 15%

(Note: The set-up for this poll was slightly confusing...)

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