Thursday, April 30, 2009

Vander Plaats to appear on Fox’s Huckabee show

Vander Plaats to appear on Fox’s Huckabee show

By Tom Beaumont • • April 30, 2009

Republican gubernatorial prospect Bob Vander Plaats is scheduled to appear on Fox News Channel’s Mike Huckabee show Sunday to discuss Iowa’s same-sex marriage issue.

Vander Plaats of Sioux City is the only GOP prospect to have formed an organization to allow him to raise money and hire staff as he prepares to launch a campaign this summer.

In the meantime, he has been out-front on the marriage issue, calling for the impeachment of the Iowa Supreme Court and asking Gov. Chet Culver, a Democrat, to stay the enactment of the court’s ruling allowing gay marriage this month.

Vander Plaats has cited his relationship with Huckabee as an asset to what would be his third gubernatorial campaign. Vander Plaats endorsed Huckabee’s 2008 presidential bid before Huckabee went on to win Iowa’s lead-off nominating caucuses last year.

Huckabee’s television show on Fox airs at 7 p.m. CDT on Saturday, and 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. CDT Sunday.

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009


By: Patrick Haworth
Tulsa, OK

On this HuckPAC National Volunteer Day, I'm encouraged as I read the many blog messages from other HuckPAC Volunteers from around the nation, as they talk about what drew them to support HuckPAC.

For me, years of waiting for incremental change to take place with no one seeming to take the conservative bull by the horns has been very frustrating. Most people AT LEAST know that it's completely wrong for our nation's written laws to allow for the killing of human children at late stages of pregnancy for the sake of, "choice", of the mother of the child; however our laws still reflect this sad level of lack of concern for those who cannot be heard or easily seen. Virtually everyone knows that our 67,500 page tax code is completely absurd. What a waste of resources just trying to comply with this behemoth? No one on Earth has ever read the entire thing or fully understands it. We all know that it was created by well-paid, DC lobbyist, getting loopholes so that their clients can enjoy UNFAIR advantages over their competitors. It's obviously time to get rid of it for something that is FAIR!

I'm not a genius and that's exactly what, for years, has made me so frustrated, because you don't HAVE to be a genius to see these things. So, why has it gone on for so long? In a word, PANDERING. For decades, we conservatives have listened to politicians tell us that they are pro-life and anti-overtaxing-for-wasteful-spending, but too many times they either don't get elected, or worse, get elected and don't keep their promises. They pander to us during the campaigns and govern otherwise. They try to ride the fence so that they won't draw too much ire and fire from the liberal media and special interest groups. They're afraid of being labeled as dogmatic, but one can afford to be dogmatic when they are correct.

Too many have been LEANING in our direction. We don't need any more LEANERS. Gov. Huckabee has broken that mold by being a LEADER.

Let's take our bulls by the horns! Now that we have a base to work from (HuckPAC), we can accomplish the task of getting our nation back on track. Gov. Huckabee has already laid the foundation for this with his creation of HuckPAC. Amongst many other things, he stood up boldly for the Human Life Amendment and the FairTax. He didn't just LEAN in our direction; he did LEAD us!

Let's plan our work together and work our plan together. The light can be seen at the end of this liberal tunnel. May the National Right To Life Committee never again endorse a candidate who does not support the Human Life Amendment over one who does! May there be too many ACTIVE members of HuckPAC in their ears, at every level, absolutely forbidding it! May the FairTax be clearly explained to enough neighbors to get our nation's fiscal sanity back before it's too late! May we grow in numbers and activity enough to win an astounding number of campaigns. We can do it and for the love of our nation, we should!

A recent example of success, was seen at our Oklahoma State Republican Party Convention, held in Oklahoma City, just a couple of weeks ago. In just ONE DAY, the number of our Team Huck Volunteers DOUBLED as 124 people signed up, not to mention that many politicians made clear to us that receiving the official endorsement of HuckPAC is at the top of their priorities. Thank you to the many volunteers who made the trip from all over the state and helped work the booth. (If only we had more than 2 clipboards, we could have signed up several more!)

Thank you Gov. Huckabee for taking the bull by the horns, by holding up the standard, by not just LEANING, but actually LEADING!

This was added to the HuckPAC Blog here:

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Vander Plaats Unveils Executive Order to Stay Same-Sex Marriages, Challenges Culver to ‘End ‘Irresponsible Silence, Take Action’

Attorney General’s Memo Ordering County Recorders to Issue Licenses Lacks Constitutional Authority

DES MOINES - Releasing the text of an executive order that would stay same-sex marriages and withstand a legal challenge, Bob Vander Plaats today called on Gov. Chet Culver to sign the order before county recorders are expected to issue marriage licenses on Monday.

"The governor’s acquiescence to a court opinion is tantamount to neglecting his constitutional responsibilities," Vander Plaats said at a Statehouse news conference. "Because he hasn’t been willing to do his job, we’ve done it for him. I have worked with a team of attorneys who understand the Iowa Constitution and the end product is an executive order that defends our constitution and defends the will of the people. It gives Governor Culver the opportunity to exercise the authority that only he has but his so far given away to the courts and Attorney General Tom Miller."

Vander Plaats noted that Miller’s April 8 memo directing county recorders to adhere to the Iowa Supreme Court’s April 3 opinion and issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples is "without constitutional basis."

"On April 15th, 1998 Governor Terry Branstad signed House File 382 into law after it passed the General Assembly as prescribed by law. According to the constitution, this is the only method by which laws and statutes in Iowa can be created. The constitution does not grant the Supreme Court the power to write, amend or strike legislative law. Its opinion, to secure justice for the parties, should have been to refer the matter back to the Iowa General Assembly with the opinion that its members should either rewrite the law or bring it before a vote of the people of Iowa as a constitutional amendment to remedy the issue."

Vander Plaats continued, "Iowa’s 99 county recorders are caught between a rock and a hard place. They’re being threatened with legal action from our state attorney general if they don’t comply with a court opinion but that opinion does not carry constitutional weight to change our marriage laws. Governor Culver has a responsibility to take that burden off Iowa’s county recorders and issue a stay on same-sex marriages in Iowa until this matter can be resolved by the only two authorities in the state legally qualified to resolve it: The General Assembly or the people of Iowa."


Call and email Governor Chet Culver: Click on "Contact Us." It is here that you can email the governor. Also, call his office and leave a message 515-281-5211. Let Governor Culver know that you want him to sign the Executive Order putting a stay on the Supreme Court's ruling allowing the legislature time to do their job and let the people vote.

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Huckabee Talks to ABC News About the Tea Parties: Dick Armey "Owes Me a Big Apology"

Huckabee Talks to ABC News About the Tea Parties: Dick Armey "Owes Me a Big Apology"

April 15, 2009 11:21 AM

"The tea parties are mostly an honest spontaneous effort by ordinary people from all over the political spectrum to express their outrage at government hubris from absurd spending, corporate bailouts, etc.," former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee told ABC News in an email today, asked for a comment about today's protests.

But, we also wanted to know, what did Huckabee think about the fact that many of these parties were being organized by FreedomWorks, the conservative group run by former House Majority Leader Dick Armey, R-Texas?

During the GOP primaries, Armey attacked Huckabee for not embracing the charge of organizations such as The Club for Growth, which repeatedly attacked Huckabee.

Huckabee, Armey wrote in January 2008, "has worked to make his small-minded populism a credit by pitting his socially conservative supporters against the GOP’s business wing. One of his favorite lines is that he represents the interests of 'Main Street, not Wall Street.' But this assumes that the interests of the two are not in alignment, that somehow, one group can only gain at the expense of the other - never mind that the jobs and livelihoods of America’s workers and small towns are tied inexorably with the larger economy. It’s a dark form of class warfare shrewdly masked by his sunny chatter. ...Allowing Mike Huckabee to become the face of conservatism would trade unity and principle for an ill-advised romance with a flighty, flaky new brand of politics."

Now, of course, Armey and FreedomWorks are rallying the tea party protests around the country that are protesting big government, Wall Street bailouts, higher taxes and President Obama's housing plan.

"As for Armey," Huckabee writes when I ask him to weigh in, "he and about 75% of the so-called 'conservatives' owe me a big apology. They misrepresented my record, took my statements totally out of context, and accused me of economic liberalism, which is utter nonsense. My campaign upset their orderly apple cart, because it really was run by grass-roots conservatives and small business owners and not those who as it turned out were wholly owned subsidiaries of recklessly run corporations and lobbyists.”

Huckabee says Armey and his cohorts "never listened to what I was saying, but just spoke out to protect their pals who were funding their faces—there’s a word for people who get to paid to show love, but polite people don’t use it openly. I’ve found it amazing to watch the huffy puffy types who skinned me alive during the campaign jump out and support TARP, and then change their tune when Obama and the Dems proposed stimulus. Let the record note, that I opposed TARP---I called it the Congressional Relief Action Program from the beginning. I could say more, but have to go catch a plane!"

- jpt

April 15, 2009 | Permalink |

Jake Tapper is ABC News' Senior White House Correspondent based in the network's Washington bureau. He writes about politics and popular culture and covers a range of national stories.

I recall Huckabee's words being that he represents the interest of, "Main Street, not just Wall Street". It appears that Armey conveniently forgot to include the word, "just", when quoting Huckabee.

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SKYNEWS 6 Checks out 2 Tulsa Tea Parties

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FairTax Rally in Columbia, SC will Live Stream

Click on the link above to see the big FairTax Rally streaming live from Columbia, South Carolina. Things will kick off around 4:30pm (CST).

Neil Boortz

John Linder

Mike Huckabee

Herman Cain

Ken Hoagland

…and others

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Monday, April 6, 2009

Help Save Marriage. Call Reps in Iowa Today


Call and tell Iowa State Representatives to vote yes on Rule 60 to allow Iowans the right to decide the true definiton of marriage.
Rule 60 forces the bill out of committee and up for a vote by all representatives.

Also, for those of you who do not live in Iowa, it won't hurt for you to call or pass on an e-mail letting them know that because Iowa has no residency requirements for marriage and can bring Same-Sex marriage to your door step in your state, that you would appreciate giving Iowan's a chance to vote on this issue!

Note: It would also help a lot if you send them e-mails about this. It's very easy to send them all an e-mail. Examples are given on the Huck's Army Discussion Thread.

UPDATE: The following is an update from Huck's Army soldier, janelles, from Iowa.

I have just returned from Des Moines where I attended a grassroots breakfast meeting with the Westside Conservative Club.

The keynote speaker was former Gov. Terry Branstad. Another speaker was Rep. Linda Upmeyer.

My take away that I share with Hucksarmy: our phone calls and e-mails are working. "Public pressure has had an impact." Gov. Branstad

They urged us to continue the pressure - especially with the Democrats that could be open to supporting a marriage amendment.

I then made a stop at the Iowa State House where numerous citizens- old, young, children were attempting to personally persuade House and Senate members to let the people speak on the gay marriage in Iowa issue. What a sight!

Iowa has many issues- gay rights and increasing the taxes we pay are on the front burner. I have come home energized that our voices are making a difference.

Thanks to each one of you who have made even one call or sent one e-mail- or have done even more.

I plan to be back in D.M. for the April 15 Tea Party...
to be continued....

UPDATE #2: Click here: --->

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2006 Accurate Predictor of 2009 President Obama now Predicts 2013 President Huckabee.

Kevin McCullough said that he didn't want to be correct in his 2006 prediction that the US would swear in a President Obama in 2009. Now, he is predicting that the US will swear in a President Huckabee in 2013.


Posted by: Kevin McCullough at 12:06 AM

"In December of 2006 I wrote a column in which I was the first pundit in America to predict that Barack Obama would be president in 2009. I predicated that theory on a number of variables, but specifically foreseeing the possible match-up against a candidate John McCain, I felt that the overwhelming historicity of the race, the lack of specifics that the substance would come down to in the debate, and the inability for a candidate like McCain to take Obama on squarely would work against him, and in favor of Obama. Boy did I call that one...

Knowing that McCain as a candidate would have a squleching effect on the base, and more or less finish him off, was primarily due to one large reason. He did not wish to embrace evangelicals. He was offered significant help by major marketing firms that could have put him directly in front of evangelicals, and should he wish to champion the issues, character, and enthusiasm they would have brought to the trail, it was well within his realm of influence to reach out to them.

Instead he chose badly. He made a strategic decision NOT to offer the hand to faith based people, and as a result Obama was given free reign on the matters that people of faith cared about. McCain never even challenged, nor disputed blatant statements made by Obama that violated the basic conscience of the Bible-believing Christian.

Riding the wave of that bit of history, running a campaign on nothing but empty words of "hope" and "change", and being left unchallenged intellectually, and spiritually on his messaging, Obama ran the table, and my prediction came true.

I saw it all in December of 2006...

I'm a wee bit weirded out by what I'm about to tell you, mostly because there is so much time to go until the campaign for 2012 begins, but I believe that Governor Huckabee will win the nomination, and in a very possible scenario President Huckabee will place his hand on the Bible in January of 2013."

The original column from 2006 predicting President Obama.

A follow-up to that original column.!

Kevin McCullough's Biography

Kevin McCullough is the nationally syndicated host of "'Xtreme' Radio and columnist based in New York. He blogs at His second book "The Kind Of MAN Every Man SHOULD Be" is in stores now.

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Saturday, April 4, 2009


By: Steve Fair of "FAIR AND BIASED".

Friday, April 3, 2009


Earlier this week you may have received an email in support of moving Oklahoma Republicans back to a caucus system of choosing which presidential candidate receives Oklahoma’s delegate votes to become the Republican nominee for President.

Most knowledgeable Republicans who have studied the caucus proposal being promoted feel passage would be extremely devastating to our party and could set our party back over 20 years.

The information provided in support of this change to the caucus is extremely misleading and comes from individuals whose goal is to create a system that would allow a very small, well-organized minority to manipulate the process to promote their own political agenda.

Let’s analyze each statement made in support of the Caucus.

In 1976, 1980, and 1984 the Oklahoma GOP supported Ronald Reagan for President - through a caucus system instead of a "Presidential Preference Primary".

Ronald Reagan lost the Iowa Caucus in both 1976 and 1980. He then came back and won the New Hampshire primaries. So using that logic, if New Hampshire had a caucus Ronald Reagan may have never become President. How can we empower the grassroots to support conservative leaders like Reagan in the future? Answer: Restore the Oklahoma GOP to the Caucus System?

Back to the Reagan example. In 1976 Gerald Ford won the Iowa caucus. One week later Ronald Reagan won the New Hampshire primary. In 1980 George H.W. Bush won the Iowa Caucus. The following week Ronald Reagan won the New Hampshire Primary. I don’t know of anyone who would argue that Ford and Bush 41 were more conservative than Ronald Reagan.

Counties across the State, including Oklahoma and Tulsa counties, have already passed a proposal known as "Caucus OK!" that would restore the Oklahoma GOP to a caucus system, and it will soon be heard at the State Convention, Saturday, April 18. I would invite you to visit the Caucus OK website learn more!

While it is true the proposal was passed in a few counties it was soundly defeated 52-28 in Cleveland County, which was perhaps the only county to have a full and open debate on the issue. Cleveland County even suspended its own convention rules to allow the principal proponent of the caucus proposal to debate for the measure. It was still soundly voted down.

"An enlarged , invigorated , and empowered grassroots volunteer and donor base will result from the restoring of the caucus system."

There is no evidence that this would be the case. Iowa has been the example given to support this assertion, claiming Iowa gets more attention and activity because of their caucus. Truth is, Iowa receives attention because they are first in the process. New Hampshire receives an equal amount of attention and they have a primary. Current RNC rules do not allow Oklahoma to conduct their selection process earlier than it is currently held, either primary or caucus. Changes are currently being discussed by the RNC and will more than likely be put into effect before the 2012 elections.

"A caucus system is a nomination process that truly reflects a consensus of the Party grassroots."

Again, there is no evidence to support this claim. In 2008 over 345,000 Oklahoma Republicans turned out to vote in the Republican Presidential Primary. If the proposed caucus were to be approved we would be telling those Republicans that we didn’t care about their opinion and that their votes didn’t matter.

"Moving to a caucus system will increase fundraising opportunities for the Party."

The change as proposed would not generate additional revenues; in fact, it would be extremely costly to the Oklahoma Republican Party, as it requires the party to furnish ballots, including absentee ballots, to all Republicans at no cost. The OKGOP would also be responsible for conducting the voting process, including having to verify whether those showing up or mailing in ballots were indeed eligible to vote.

"Moving to a caucus system will save Oklahoma tax-payer dollars (up to $3 million)."

This is not true, as the change to the caucus does not eliminate the primary. The Democrat party will still conduct their voting via a primary. It does not change the law.

"Moving to a caucus system will increase Oklahoma's influence and attention in the national election process."

Since 1988 when Oklahoma moved from the caucus to the Primary, Republicans held 32 seats in the Oklahoma House; we now hold 61. In 1988 Republicans held 15 seats in the Oklahoma Senate; we now hold 26. All in all, Oklahoma Republicans have done quite well under the current system.

The truth is a caucus system would empower a few influential activists who believe they know better than the general population what Oklahoma needs. A caucus system would establish an oligarchy which is a form of government where power effectively rests with a small elite segment of society- aka Political Pharisees. That is never good and goes completely against the principles of the U.S. Constitition which is inclusive and protects us from the establishment of an oligarchy.

Oklahoma Republican activists should be about the business of educating Oklahoma voters and encouraging more conservatives to become involved in the process. Moving to a caucus system would be a step backward in Oklahoma. We have accomplished too much with a Presidential Primary! While not a perfect system, it is infinitely better than moving back to a Caucus system. Vote No at the State Convention!
Since this post appeared, I have received dozens of emails on this issue. The emails are running three to one in favor of retaining the Presidential Primary system. Most writers have been gracious, others not so kind. I appreciate each of you who have taken time to read the post and to comment-no matter your position on the issue. There are good people on both sides of this issue and many I count as friends. I do not question anyone's intergity or motive if they are for moving to the caucus system. They are sincere, but I believe they are sincerely wrong. If the tone of the article offends you, please forgive me. It was never my intent to offend, but to present the other side of this very important issue.
To clarify, this article reflects MY position and does not necessarily reflect the position of anyone else. ~Steve

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Video Message from Mike Huckabee to HuckPAC Volunteers about the New Website Launch

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Bit of a Commercial for O'Reilly, but pretty good information from Dick Morris about New York Times covering up past stories and an ACORN/Obama story

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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

HB 1595 and HB 1326 pass Senate committees; Full Senate to vote soon; More emails needed

Oklahomans For Life - LEGISLATIVE ALERT
April 1st, 2009
HB 1595 and HB 1326 pass Senate committees;
Full Senate to vote soon; More emails needed

Pro-life HB 1326 and HB 1595 were both approved by Senate committees within the past week, and will now go to the floor for votes by the full Senate.

If you have not yet sent an email to members of the Senate, please do so at With one click, you can reach members of the Senate. Please ask them to support these two pro-life bills, HB 1326 and HB 1595.

HB 1595 is the abortion-reporting bill which will also prohibit sex-selection abortions in Oklahoma.

HB 1326 prohibits the killing of human embryos for research purposes. The bill protects embryonic human beings, living members of the human species, from being killed for their stem cells. Exploit them by treating them as raw material to be mined for parts, and we diminish ourselves as we destroy them.

Adult stem cells have benefited patients suffering from more than 70 different disorders. By contrast, embryonic stem cells have never benefited a single human patient. Embryo-killing stem-cell research is a misguided and ill-fated pursuit from a scientific standpoint, in addition to being the profoundly unethical act of destroying living members of our species, homo sapiens, in order to provide raw material for research. Please urge support for HB 1326.

Complications from abortion are seldom reported, and the harm that abortion does to women's health and well-being is not well understood. HB 1595 will attempt to assess the extent of the damage that abortion inflicts on women. In addition, with tests now available that can show the sex of a baby seven weeks after conception, HB 1595 will prohibit abortions from being performed because the child is the "wrong" sex.

You can email senators at One click will reach the members of the Senate. Ask them to support HB 1595 and HB 1326.

Thank you for standing up for the most vulnerable little members of our human family.

Tony Lauinger
State Chairman, Oklahomans For Life

phone: 918-749-5022

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If it isn't broken, why fix it? Support Gary Jones and Angie LaPlante


The Right Team, Right Now: Jones-LaPlante 2009
A Message from Gary and Angie:

It’s been an honor to criss-cross this state meeting with all the different Republican groups and organizations. We’ve received a wonderful response to our goals and vision for the Oklahoma Republican Party.

As we’ve debated our opponent, we're reminded often of the saying: actions speak louder than words.

All Angie and I ask is that you judge us on our results and future goals for the OKGOP. We have both been successful in our elected Republican positions, and the OKGOP must have proven leadership going into arguably the most important election cycle in decades.

Since being elected Chairman, we have picked up 26 seats in the Oklahoma Legislature, 24 of which were in rural Oklahoma. Republicans now have control of both the House and the Senate…the first time in Oklahoma history.

Furthermore, we’ve done more than our fair share of rooting out corruption in Oklahoma. I worked with the FBI to expose the Democratic corruption ring that included Gene Stipe, Mike Mass, and Jeff McMahan.

And finally, the Party is in better financial shape than it has been in a number of years. We’ve risen over three million dollars---but even more important---we managed that money well, and carried out an extremely successful and detailed campaign plan.

Taking all this into consideration, we ask: If it isn't broken, why fix it?

We humbly ask for your vote on April 18th. Thank you!


Gary A. Jones & Angie LaPlante


Press here for recent “Batesline” endorsement of Jones-LaPlante team

Press here for “RedDirt Report” analysis of the latest chairman’s debate

Follow the Jones-LaPlante Campaign on Facebook,
press here
to sign up and then view our list of goals for the Jones-LaPlante team.

Forward this message to a friend | Jones-LaPlante 2009
Gary 405-245-6379, Angie 405-808-9493 | |

Jones-LaPlante 2009
202 SW Tinney Road
Cache, OK 73527

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HuckPAC Chat added to the bottom of OKforHuckabee

Just hit the "end" button on your computer any time you visit OKforHuckabee and you will be able to see the chat box at the bottom of the blog.

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