Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sen. Tom Coburn lays out Sen. Harry Reid Omnibus: BY THE NUMBERS

(More details given by Coburn in the article including, "Largest Earmark in Congressional History"...CLICK HERE TO READ MORE)
0 – Provisions increasing the American energy supply
$3.83 – Average cost for a gallon of gas
9 – Percentage of Americans who approve of Congress
13 -- Average number of injuries caused to human caused by captive chimps in the U.S. every year
35 – Bills included in the omnibus
36 – New government programs
43 – Required reports to Congress from agencies and other entities
398 – Pages of legislative text
855 – Bills passed by secret without debate, amendments, or votes this Congress
$5 million – Earmark for a museum in Poland
$12 Million – Earmark for a greenhouse in Maryland
$17 million -- Funding to protect Americans from injuries resulting from chimps and other non-human primates
111 Million – Households in America worried about gas prices
$1.5 Billion – Earmark for the DC Metro ($2,066 per rider)
$10 Billion – Total cost to taxpayers

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