Friday, September 12, 2008

Rice's letter to Supporters about Brad Carson

This shows Rice as a San Fransisco style liberal. Well that explains why he gets most of his contributions from there than in Oklahoma.


Many of us who identify as moderate to progressive in Oklahoma have had to deal with the reality that Brad Carson has chosen to run as a conservative in Oklahoma. We understand that despite the fact that he is not with many of us on important Democratic issues, he still is a better choice to represent us in the United States Senate than Tom Coburn.

However, the Carson campaign has clearly crossed a line of decency with their latest TV ad. In the Ad., Brad Carson's wife insinuates that when Tom Coburn calls her husband "a liberal", that it's just as bad as when Coburn calls him "evil". This message is offensive and disrespectful to the many liberal Oklahomans who have been willing to support Brad Carson despite his politics not always aligning with the issues and principles of the progressive community.

Please call the Carson campaign headquarters and demand that they pull this advertisement immediately. Their number is 1-866-897-2723, and press ZERO for the operator

Many of us are willing to adapt and compromise to get the more qualified candidate in this race elected to the Senate, but we will not stand for our own political identity being demonized by someone who expects us to support him.

Call the Carson Campaign immediately, 1-866-897-2723, and press ZERO for the operator.

Thank You,

Andrew Rice
PALPAC (Progressive Alliance Political Action Committee)

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