Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Huckabee SURGE

Well, due to being out of town a few days, and the Ice Storm, I've not been able to post for almost two weeks.

I'm beginning to think I should do this more often. Here's what happened while I was gone (I can't take the credit for it, though...):

  • Huckabee is FIRST in Iowa

Latest poll numbers have him around 39%, with Romney in the low 20s, and no one else above 10%.

  • Huckabee in a virtual TIE for FIRST in National polls

He's placing around 20-22%, with Giuliani at 22-24%. All the others are below 16%.

  • New Hampshire remains his weakest early state

Polls have Huckabee at 10%, Romney around 30%, Giuliani and McCain at 17% and the others below 6%.

  • Huckabee leads in Michigan

At 21%, he's ahead of everyone (Romney 20%, Giuliani 19%, other under 10%).

  • Huckabee is FIRST in South Carolina

The latest poll has him at 30%, with Thompson and Romney battling for second at around 20%, all the rest are below 13%.

  • The NEVADA Surprise

Huckabee is SECOND in Nevada, with 23% (Romney lead with 29%, Giuliani is at 17%, no one else above 10%).

  • Huckabee is SECOND in Florida

He jumped to 18% (Giuliani leads with 32%). Romney and Thompson are at 15-14%, with all others below 11%.

  • Huckabee in 3-way tie for 3rd in California

Giuliani and McCain lead here, but Huckabee is at 14% (with Romney and Thompson).

  • Huckabee FIRST in Georgia

Leads with 23%; FDT has 20%, Giuliani 17%. The rest are under 11%.

  • Huckabee FIRST in North Carolina

Leads the field with 33%. Rudy and FDT figh for second at 18%, everyone else is under 10%.

  • Huckabee THIRD in Ohio

He breaks into double digits with 10% (Giuliani at 29%, McCain at 13%).

  • Huckabee TIED for SECOND in Pennsylvania

Huckabee and McCain tied for second place with 13%. Rudy leads with 27%.

Wow. What a week! Maybe I should go neglect the blog around Election Day!

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