Monday, November 19, 2007

Christmas Parade in Muskogee

Our 1,000th Visitor dropped by today! Wow!

I'm passing along some info from the Tulsa Mike Huckabee for President 2008 Meetup Group:

What: Christmas Parade in Muskogee
When: Saturday, December 1, 5:30 PM
Where: Downtown Muskogee

Event Description: A group of Huckabee supporters are gathering for the Christmas Parade in Downtown Muskogee. The parade begins at 5:30pm, Saturday, December 1st. We will try to have t-shirts and signs (whatever else) for Huckabee with us. It would be a great idea to print up leaflets, or something, that we could pass out, to direct people to the site. The parade starts at 5:30pm. Further details to some (especially, where to meet at). If anyone was able to make a purchase of signs, I know where we can get some locally, 100 for $350.00. Of course, the downside is that whoever does it needs to sell the signs to the rest of us for $3.50/each to recoup their money. If you hear of a better deal somewhere, please tell us. I'll also talk to my connection and see if there is any way to get a smaller number of signs for a minimum order. If we're lucky, maybe we could get some of the signs and/or t-shirts to show up on the local news cameras. You can pick up your t-shirts from M. J. Grayson while you're there.

Learn more here:

If you can show up, that would be great! It would be wonderful to have a bunch of Huckabee supporters there.

Update: Lots of photos of this event at the link above!

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  1. Good evening! I am an Oklahoma blogger who supports Huckabee as well! Keep up the great work!


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