Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Marco Rubio For Senate

Editor: Also, see: Marco Rubio Making Strong Steady Gains on Charlie Crist for Florida Senate and Huckabee's Radio Interview of Rubio on WLS, Chicago, March 12th, 2010.

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Marco Rubio For Senate

When someone stands on principles throughout their career in politics, its an easy choice to endorse their candidacy for Senate. Today, I am excited to formally announce my endorsement of Marco Rubio for U.S. Senate.

Marco believes in smaller government. He is a firm supporter of life. As the former Florida Speaker he was incredibly effective at bringing new ideas to the table and working to see them passed into law. He is a family man, loyal, compassionate and someone I am proud to call a friend.

I encourage you to watch my video endorsement on my blog here and then share it with friends, family and co-workers by email, Twitter and on Facebook. After you do, please consider making an immediate contribution to Marco's campaign for Senate at http://www.marcorubio.com/.

Last night, his opponent was raising money in Washington, DC. I am told he may have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars. Today, I am hoping that Marco will receive the financial support of tens of thousands of Americans; the sort who make one political contribution a year, to the candidate they believe in with their hearts not just their heads. Because I firmly believe it is these contributions that will make the difference in this race, not the money raised from lobbyists who make a new political contribution each week, betting the "smart money."

So please watch my endorsement video today and then consider making a contribution directly to Marco's campaign for Senate.

Standing with Marco,

Mike Huckabee

Mike Huckabee
Huck PAC, Inc.
P.O. Box 2008
Little Rock, Arkansas 72203

Contributions are not deductible for federal income tax purposes. Corporations, foreign nationals without green cards, federal contractors, and minors (under 18 years of age) are prohibited from contributing. Individuals may contribute a maximum of $5,000 per year to Huck PAC. Contributions are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. Federal Election Law requires us to report the name, address, occupation, and employer for contributions that aggregate in excess of $200 in an election cycle.

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  1. Rubio's a strong Catholic supported by Huckabee, a strong evangelical. Rubio said Aug. 19 that he was pro-life and didn't see anything wrong with the government supporting religious schools.
    He also said radical Islam and the Taliban is bad and has nothing to do with the peaceful Moslems. I like the guy, but I sense a creeping religiosity creeping into the campaign. That will turn many people off.

  2. I'm a Libertarian who was hopeful when I heard that a "real-conservative" would be opposing Charlie Crist for senate. Sadly I find he just another who wants to push his fairy tales on us as law.

  3. You not posting my commment!!!
    That further enforces my view that you belive in censorship and you are not thrue conservative believing in Constitution of the United Statesand you see it as a threat to you vision how this Country should look

  4. Actually, your comment had not been viewed, for moderation, yet. This blog is run by volunteers, so we don't always have time to check the e-mail to see what comments have been posted. In the past, comments were not moderated, but spam and lack of civility in some posts forced the moderation to be needed. Although, we do try to be lenient, your post did fall into the category of lacking civility. If you could clean it up just a little bit, we'd be very happy to post your comment for you and we do apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused to you. Thank you for visiting OKforHuckabee.


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