Friday, March 20, 2009

The Democrat’s Shell Game. It's all about the "'illions".

The Democrat’s Shell Game.
It's all about the "'illions".

By: Patrick Haworth
Tulsa, OK

The vast majority of conservatives know that the leaders of the Democrat Party are usually willing and able to play dirty politics. We know that they love to play on good-hearted people's emotions, in order to get them side-tracked. They know that the major media outlets will go along with their publicity stunts and they understand that the logic behind why the media will do so is that most media members started off as well-meaning, good-intentioned, journalism students who chose their major, because they had a niche for creative writing and wanted to use that talent in a way that would change the world for the good. But, embarrassment is one of the most powerfully motivating emotions that there is. No one wants to admit that they were wrong for so long in such a magnanimous manner, because to do so would be admit that we were able to be fooled, which is an unacceptable thought - especially, when your true intentions are to help others in the world who, apparently, aren't as intelligent as we.

Why do these liberals do it? What could possibly motivate someone to act so deceptively? Simple answer: money, power, and because they can get away with it. They're corrupt. Fooling enough of the people all of the time is the name of their game.

Very often, it is done with a shell game. The shells are the headlines and the pea is whatever the main concerns of the American people should actually be. It's difficult to keep up with where the main concern truly should be. Often, the pea is completely taken off of the table so that one never finds it in any of the headlines. But, this happens so subtly, that it is very difficult to notice, even to the sharp and well-trained eye.

The latest liberal, Democrat Party leadership shell game is all about the "'illions". It's actually a trick that they've used multiple times in the past and many of us recognize it easily, but for those who are not familiar with it, here's how it works: The ultra-liberal Democrat Party leadership knows that most of their voting base does not understand large numbers with any serious kind of reality. As soon as they throw a red meat "'illion" number out into the liberal media-sharks, the feeding frenzy begins and the headlines take up space. When sharp conservative voters read these stories closely, they can usually figure out where the pea went. When easily manipulated voters-for-liberals read these stories, their eyes just seem to glaze over, as though they are hypnotized by the "'illions", so that they are unable to differentiate and recognize the significance of the difference between millions, billions, and trillions.

In this most recent example, the liberal Democrat Party leadership should all get Oscars for their feigning abilities as they pretend to be outraged over "millions" of dollars in bonuses that have been paid out to AIG Executives. They know that if they act outrageous enough, the voting faithful will continue their blind form of faith and believe them without investigating to find out that the same liberals required these bonuses. These mesmerized voters will not notice that these bonuses are less than 1/10th of 1% of the bailout money. These mesmerized voters will also fail to realize that they should be more concerned about Congressional members openly discussing (Barney Frank) the fact that since the government bailed out a private company, that the government now owns and can manage a private company. They'll never have one bit of concern about the fact that it was completely unconstitutional to do so. And they will never consider the fact that the bailout was not just "millions" of dollars, but rather 170 "billion" dollars. After all, there's only one letter that's different there! The same people who claim that we spent too much on Operation Iraqi Freedom will not notice that subsequent to that bailout, in yet another bailout, our government turned over more than $700 "billion" in one felled swoop, which was more money than we'd spent in over 5 years of war in Iraq. Again, the federal government turning over the treasure of the people to private banks is not a role that is constitutional.

It's easy for the Democrat Party leadership to get their minions to have knee-jerk reactions, because they're so easily manipulated by simply yelling and screaming dramatically, as long as you're accusing conservative Republicans or at least SOMEbody other than yourself; and remember, there is that embarrassment factor and the pride that gets in the way of admitting that one has allowed them self to be pulled around by the nose, by corrupt jerks, for years. And so, the pattern continues, as they certainly will not notice the vast difference between "billions" of dollars and the "trillions" of dollars in deficit spending that we have just rung up in the last 60 days. Because they're being fooled, we will all pay a price that we cannot afford. Worse than that, our children and grandchildren will, too.

Some say that a Cloward-Piven Strategy of Organized Crisis is in motion here and it's hard to argue with that take.

If only the South Carolina Republican Party did not allow non-party members to select their own Republican party's nominee, Gov. Huckabee would have been declared the winner over McCain there, according to entrance and exit poll results which showed that Huckabee won votes of more actual Republicans there, than did McCain; or if only Fraud Thompson wasn't camping out in South Carolina, lying about Gov. Huckabee, while all other candidates were in Iowa, New Hampshire, and Michigan - We could have had a great debater, who is a truly authentic conservative, unlike Fraud Thompson, taking on Barack Obama. What? "Mitt Romney" did you say? Oh, you mean the guy that was for the aforementioned $700 billion bailout? Don't worry, I'm sure he will change his position on that, soon. What? He already did? Can't say that I'm surprised at all. Thompson called Huckabee, "...a pro-life liberal!". Well, at least he got the pro-life part right, which is an issue that Thompson needs to be better informed about, as evidenced by his lack of support of a Human Life Amendment to the US Constitution. Obviously, like slavery before the 13th Amendment, preborn people need an amendment to the Constitution to protect their right to their life, so that it's not okay, just in the states that want to be able to, to disenfranchise them and their rights, by killing them. Mitt? He's the guy that brought Massachusetts $50.00 tax-payer subsidized abortions and that was after his so-called pro-life conversion. If he and his father weren't both Governors of different states, if he were not Mormon, and if he didn't have millions of personal dollars to spend on caucus states, he wouldn't have won any states at all. How in the world can Fred Thompson say with a straight face that a guy who had 96 tax cuts in his liberal Democrat dominated state, who took his state from having a $200 million deficit to having an $850 million surplus, who is for the Fair Tax, and who is as pro-gun as anyone on planet Earth, a liberal??? And, how could Mitt Romney spend so much money on attack ads claiming that Huckabee was, "soft on crime", when Huckabee oversaw the execution of 16 people, which Mitt has never done, and when Mitt wouldn't even allow for a pardon of a guy who had served honorably and with high decoration in Iraq, over a bb gun accident when he was 13 years old, in which, the skin of his friend wasn't even broken??? With conservative voters having difficulty making these kind of distinctions in the primaries, there is virtually no hope for the liberal-minded voters. And so, the shell game goes on. By the way, did you see the doctor's signature or the name of the hospital on Barack Obama's birth certificate? (Answer: No. None of us ever did. Probably no big deal though, right? All of that cover-up by Team Obama probably didn't mean anything at all. After all, setting a large percentage of the American people at ease about his eligibility to run for the office is not such an important thing to do, even if it is a very easy thing to do.)

Sorry for watering this down so much. Maybe next time I'll tell how I really feel about it.

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