Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Oklahomans For Life - LEGISLATIVE ALERT

Oklahomans For Life - LEGISLATIVE ALERT
February 3rd, 2009

Major pro-life bill pending at state Capitol;
Ask legislators to support HB 1595

Please send an email to your state senator and state representative at the Capitol in Oklahoma City and urge them to support House Bill 1595.

The bill is an abortion-reporting bill that will measure the prevalence of abortion in Oklahoma, the reasons abortions are sought, and the complications that result. The bill will also monitor compliance with our existing abortion statutes, and will prohibit abortions performed for purposes of sex-selection.

HB 1595 is the principal pro-life priority for the 2009 legislative session. The bill's authors are Representative Dan Sullivan and Senator Todd Lamb.

You could identify your state senator and state representative by going to our website, www.OkForLife.org. On the upper left side, click on ID Your Legislators. Type your address, then scroll down to the fourth entry for your state senator's email address, and the fifth entry for your state representative's email address.

Thank you for contacting your state legislators and asking them to support this important pro-life bill.

Tony Lauinger
State Chairman, Oklahomans For Life

email: info (at) okforlife.org
phone: 918-749-5022
web: http://www.OkForLife.org

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  1. It is so ironic that liberals don't support the death penalty but they do support abortion. It sickens me, it's so immoral on every level. Just another case of the courts controlling US policy. Nine men control how US society works. Incredable!


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