Sunday, January 11, 2009

Huck PAC National Volunteer Team

The following is a recent e-mail sent out by Huck PAC Oklahoma (unofficial grassroots) Meetup Organizer, Mike Ford. OKforHuckabee has heard from a source that the National Volunteer Team (NVT) has actually already grown to over 1,600 members. If you have not already signed up for this, PLEASE DO SO NOW! Thank You!

Dear HuckPAC volunteers,

Thanks to all of you who have responded to Mike Huckabee's call on January 1st to become HuckPAC volunteer group leaders. We are pleased to announce that by January 4th, the HuckPACvolunteer project response exceeded all expectations with 1,144 volunteers (our goal was 500 by Jan. 15). 614 people have indicated they are willing to signup as a Group Leader and 369 people have said they will raise money!

The goal for each state is to have at least one group leader operating within each county. We are currently loading all volunteer data into our files county by county.

I have been asked to request a brief (2 paragraphs) introduction telling HuckPAC a little about yourself. Who you are, why you believe in HuckPAC and your reason for stepping up to join our leadership team.

These can be sent back to me as a reply to this email. In addition to your introduction, please include any former political or campaign experience, leadership experience, skills and resources that will be helpful in organizing our Oklahoma leadership team.

Please also tell me what county you reside in and if you are willing to be a temporary leader in a nearby county that does not have a leader until we can fill it. Areas like Tulsa and Oklahoma County will likely have several leaders, so we can work as a team to be creative with ways to service other counties until they are filled.

The information is coming fast and we are thumbing through a lot of it, so please be patient as we get our databases organized. We will be introducing our initial action steps soon. Once we become active, it will be easier to recruit volunteers. Most people don't want to join a team that is doing nothing.

Here are some upcoming activities we will be planning:

Our first meetings will be held in February. I would like to see a meeting scheduled in each of our 4 major cities (Tulsa, OKC, Bartlesville and Muskogee) for all local HuckPAC volunteers to attend on a monthly basis. Our leadership team can have conference calls monthly and meet in person quarterly in various locations around the state. Of course, during elections, these meetings will become weekly.

The Republican Precinct Caucuses will be held in most counties on January 27th. It is very important that we get as many HuckPAC supporters and conservatives to their local precinct meetings. This is the beginning of the delegate process for the 2009 OKGOP conventions, where those who became delegates at the precinct caucuses will vote in our new County and State leaders, and be involved in other important matters. Unlike in the past, it is highly unlikely that anyone will be seated as a delegate who does not attend these meetings this year. Please note that 2008 delegates must attend as well, or they will not remain delegates in 2009!!! If you are unsure where your precinct meeting is, please call your County Chairman. If your precinct does not have a chairman, consider stepping up and becoming the precinct chairman in your area. I can help you with this.

I am speaking with some people around the state regarding a Human Life Amendment for the Oklahoma State Constitution. It is very likely that we could have one passed through our now Republican state congress, and also may be filing a petition to add a ballot initiative to one of the upcoming elections. The passage of the Human Life Amendment in Oklahoma would recognize unborn children as American citizens with full Constitutional rights under the 14th Amendment, rendering abortion unconstitutional.

We will also plan Fair Tax rallies for April 15th.

One of the things we are developing at HuckPAC is an online community similar to and HucksArmy and Meetup members are encouraged to continue with their current formats if they would like to. However, once the new group formats are completed, I think we will find that it will enhance our internet base and eventually replace them both. Until then, I think we should continue to stay active on HucksArmy and the Oklahoma HuckPAC meetup group to generate web hits and stay in communication with others to build our team socially. If you are not currently a member of HuckPAC Oklahoma Meetup, please join if you would like.
Go to .

Please send the link to your personal networks and encourage friends and family to participate. I honestly think we can grow HuckPAC Volunteer Team to 2,000 nationwide by the 15th, if we have not already. I'll keep you updated as I hear the progress reports.

Thanks for the response. I look forward to working with each of you.


Mike Ford
HuckPAC Oklahoma

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