Thursday, December 4, 2008

Phone calls for Dr. John Fleming (Louisiana) for Congress

UPDATE: Dr. Fleming won by only about 350 votes! Great job everyone! We don't know exactly how many phone calls we were able to make on behalf of this candidate, but we were able to get the Oklahoma GOP to send out an e-mail requesting phone call support to all Oklahomans on the e-mail list. For all we know, we could very well have made THE difference in this race!

All Huckabee supporters:

From 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. CST, we are urging all Huckabee supporters to make phone calls to help Dr. John Fleming become the next GOP Congressman from Louisiana

Dr. Fleming has received the endorsement of HuckPAC and is a strong FairTax supporter. With strong attacks from the Democratic Congressional Committee, Dr. Fleming needs our help

For all interested. By 6:00 p.m. EST Thursday December 4th, please email Lee Fletcher at Fleming Headquarters to request a list of 25 voters to contact on Saturday to get out and vote (if one gets a list earlier than Saturday, feel free to start making calls) at either leefletcher( at) or leefletcher ( at )

Once the list is completed, please send back to the Fleming Campaign. (If you would like more, they can send more if time allows)

If 250 people would make 25 calls, that would be 5,000 phone calls

Joseph K. Mouser
South Region Director
Huck's Army

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  1. Basically, those who like the present income tax system (that would be Fleming's opponent) believe in gov't controlling the economy (complete with income tax code, and tax-favor bartering for special interests at taxpayer expense). However, we've seen how that has worked - the Congress has spent us into effective bankruptcy.

    Why, we even have the gov't sending money back out to the taxpayers from whom they confiscated it through income tax withholding!

    Under FairTax, the gov't only receives money AS THE ECONOMY IS STIMULATED! (novel idea, huh?) Thus, when YOU benefit (by purchased goods and services for personal and family needs), the GOV'T BENEFITS (in a healthy way).

    Pretty simple, yeah? Now, how does all of this wash out?

    For a complete rundown of researched FairTax benefits, check my Comment at Slate Online. For an understanding of the URGENCY with which we should enact HR 25, please listen to the Kotlikoff interview.


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