Monday, October 20, 2008

Jones Calls on Democrats and Governor to Follow the Rules

Jones Calls on Democrats and Governor to Follow the Rules
by Oklahoma Republican Party

Whether the Young Democrats Are Democrat Affiliates or Not, Henry's Contribution Was IllegalOklahoma City, Oklahoma: Oklahoma Republican Party Chairman Gary Jones today renewed his call to Ivan Holmes, Chairman of the Oklahoma Democrats, to join him in fighting ethical lapses in Oklahoma elections. "Earlier this year, I asked Chairman Ivan Holmes of the Oklahoma Democrats to join me and attend an ethics commission meeting in order to work together for Ethics Reform in Oklahoma Elections," Jones said. "Chairman Holmes agreed to attend, and in fact we attended the next meeting together." "Since that time Chairman Holmes has been more than eager to point out when he felt there were areas Oklahoma Republicans needed to be examined," Jones continued. "I appreciate Chairman Holmes keeping us on our toes and watching to make sure we follow the rules." "Since Chairman Holmes has taken seriously my request that rules be followed. I'm sure he and his party wouldn't intentionally break the rules," Jones asserted. Earlier this week, the Tulsa World reported that, in 2007, Governor Brad Henry made a $5000 transfer from his campaign to the Oklahoma Young Democrats; Ivan Holmes accused Representative Reynolds of not having his facts straight, arguing that because the Young Democrats are affiliated with the state party, the contributions are perfectly fine. "It's time for Chairman Holmes and the Democrats to understand they can't have it both ways," Jones declared. "If the Young Democrats are indeed an affiliate of the Oklahoma Democrats, then, coupled with his previous $5000 donation to the Oklahoma Democrats, Governor Henry exceeded the legal contribution limits. If the Oklahoma Young Democrats are not an affiliate of the Oklahoma Democrats, the contribution is illegal." "The same two questions apply to Bob Lemon, who gave $5000 to both organizations, and possibly others as well," Jones continued. "Chairman Holmes, I suggest that if you believe in Oklahoma's ethical campaign rules that you start with your organization and its affiliates. I would be happy to join you in asking for an Ethics Commission investigation into this situation," Jones concluded.CONTACT: Communications Director Patrick Moir (405) 528-3501 office

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