Monday, February 25, 2008

My Personal Endorsement of Mike Huckabee

Just as surely as I claim to be a conservative voter, all of the Republican Presidential Candidates have, at one time or another, attempted to claim to me and all others like me that they are, in some form, conservative or even the most conservative.

The report came in today that someone in Texas received a McCain-supporting automated phone call that was different than the many others that they have been receiving, daily. This one was different, because it made the receiver of the phone call laugh! The voice coming through was that of Texas Governor Rick Perry. What made them laugh was that Gov. Perry said that John McCain was, "the true conservative in the race"!

The following will clearly explain why Mike Huckabee should get the votes of all true conservatives:

Most Socially Conservative - Gov. Mike Huckabee is the only candidate who proves that he understands WHY to be pro-life, as evidenced by, the fact that he is for the HLA (Human Life Amendment). The HLA is the 21st Century equivalent to The Emancipation Proclamation of another truly great leader, President Abraham Lincoln. President Lincoln knew that slavery is morally wrong and unacceptable in every state - not just the northern states. President Huckabee will bring into the light, for every American, the fact that purposely killing an unborn child is also morally wrong and unacceptable in every state - not just certain states (which is all we would get to if Roe vs. Wade ever gets overturned).

"If slavery isn't wrong, then nothing is wrong." - Lincoln

"If abortion isn't wrong, then nothing is wrong." - Huckabee

All candidates who are not in favor of HLA, yet claim to be pro-life are only pandering to those who truly are pro-life and do not truly care (or at best, do not truly understand) about this issue. They have been playing this game for far too long and we should not allow them to string us along any more. If someone is not for the HLA (which has been a plank in the Republican Party Platform since 1980), then they probably should not have your vote.

Most Economically Conservative - Gov. Huckabee is the only candidate who is in favor of getting rid of our unfair, extremely complicated, Washington, D.C. lobbyist-enabler, tax code, which penalizes productivity and rewards illegal activity and irresponsible behavior, and replacing it with The Fair Tax. Gov. Huckabee showed that he knows how to limit spending of a Democrat-controlled legislature, while Gov of Arkansas. His state went from having a $200 Million deficit to having an $850 Million surplus even when the public school system climbed from #49 in the nation to #8! His economic stimulus package would include building much-needed infrastructure. If he were President 10 years ago, it's hard to imagine that the levies of New Orleans would have failed.

Most Conservative on National Defense - Gov. Huckabee is for getting our National Defense spending levels, as a % of GDP, up to at least those of President Reagan's era of 6%. He wants our military to be so powerful that no one will want to challenge it. He believes in the Powell Doctrine of using overwhelming force against the enemy. He has been the only viable candidate speaking out about Saudi Arabia's failure to pay $ Billions to the US in support of operations in Iraq, their failure to take a more active role in dealing with the instability of their region of the world, their lack of proper women's rights laws regarding the punishment of women for acts that are not criminal, and their failure to put an end to the teachings of the more radical forms of Islam, such as Wahabbism, which teaches children, from very young ages, to harbor tremendous hatred inside of them, toward others who do not happen to believe in their form of religion, to the point of becoming homicidal. He is the only candidate that has spoken of telling Saudi Arabia that we need their oil about as much as we need their sand, so that we're not funding BOTH sides of the war on terror. He is the only Presidential Candidate who has spoken out consistently that we need to have our eyes focused on Pakistan and has stated repeatedly that possible future attacks would most likely be postmarked "Pakistan".

Presidential Candidate Governor Mike Huckabee clearly sits higher upon Romney's "3-legged stool" than any other candidate, with a long record of PROVEN LEADERSHIP. We may never have an opportunity to vote for a candidate this articulate, sharp-minded, and issues-wise in our entire life-times. He deserves all of the votes and support of any American who dares to call themself a conservative, because he is TRULY an AUTHENTIC conservative.

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