Monday, January 28, 2008

The Latest

Sorry for the extended absence. Busy, busy, busy!

Mike Hickabee since early January:

  • Impressive 3rd place finish in New Hampshire
  • Impressive 3rd place finish in Michigan
  • Close 2nd in South Carolina
  • Endorsed by Duncan Hunter
  • Endorsed by AZ and AR Right-to-Life
  • Continued Fundraising succes
Super Tuesday is right around the corner. Our state of Oklahoma votes in the massive tsunami of states on February 5th. What will you do to get Mike Huckabee elected?

Join any one of these outstanding Huckabee Meetup groups!

Tulsa Meetup
OKC Meetup
OKC Metro Meetup
Muskogee Meetup
Bartlesville Meetup
Edmond Meetup
NSU Meetup
ORU Meetup
UCO Meetup
Baptist for Mike (Broken Arrow) Meetup

On another note; I'm looking for any Oklahoma Huckabee supporters that are willing to join the OKforHuckabee team. If you think you might want to, shoot me an email.

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